Thursday, March 3, 2011

Once Upon a Sunny Day....

 Not so very long ago on a sunny and warm weekend day in February Jim and I decided to engage in one of our favorite activities! That's right... Mini Golf folks! And as we are residents in a county which I am certain has no fewer than 100 places to play miniature golf we had many options. However, we (Jim) has wanted to go to this particular course for quite some time.

 Does that T-Rex look familiar? Well that may be because I have blogged about this course before. When our close family friends were here this is where we played... Jim had unfortunately missed out on the fun as he was on shift that day. But we were in luck, at the counter we were greeted by a lovely older gentleman who let us know we could play one of their two courses for $9 per person or we could play both courses for $10 per person. Another whole course for $1 more... ummm YES! 
We agreed to play the course I had not played before first.... and as we were the only people there at the time we were able to take our time and be silly. 
I also met this guy who I did not happen upon on my last trip here. I prefer the "Three Horns" to "Sharp Tooths" any day. BONUS POINTS if you can name that movie.
 Jim got one hole in one right off the bat which sent my competitive side into overdrive, but I kept it under control pretty well until we got to this next hole. It was easy and straight forward (literally). One small tap along this path.....

 .... and this is what I got!?!  Do you see this???  Really like one more inch was just too far for my ball to roll. Jim got quite the chuckle out of my disbelief and HAD to take pictures.

However on the next hole Jim got what was coming to him as he hit his ball a little too hard and it went rolling.... he had to go chase after it while I waited and... of course snapped pictures. The whole time singing in my head (To the tune of I Lost My Poor Meatball) Ready?

"I lost my poor golf ball... when I hit it too hard..."
 "It went flying past me... right into the yard"

 "It rolled down hill and right past a hedge"
"And then my poor golf ball went over the ledge"

So did you like my song?!
Jim had to get a whole new golf ball as that ledge went straight to the water.... and I got to giggle. 

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