Saturday, February 26, 2011

Something I HAD to Share

    A while back I subscribed to Parents magazine. It was only $5 for a year of Parents and American Baby.  It was another affordable resource as I am not a parent myself it is helpful to be studied and have a broad knowledge when parents ask about things like potty training, manners, and the daily battles of parents of toddlers which I have only one hour at a time experience. I really do look forward to getting them each month (partly because it is mail that is not a bill), and read through cover to cover before taking them to work to share with my co-workers. This past October I was touched by a mom's birth story and anxiously awaited the sequel in November's issue. They struck such a cord with me as the worst part of my job is having to sometimes be the person who suggest families seek an evaluation, that may lead to a diagnosis, and experience their grieving and pain. I have honestly lost sleep many times and been sick to my stomach and rehearsing just the right phrasing to lessen a blow that I know can't be softened. I much prefer getting to be the super hero who comes in after a diagnosis and getting to be the resource for information, therapy, ideas to help their child improve. Not that I do not provide the same for families who have not yet gotten a diagnosis, it is just that in the nature of grieving sometimes families see the person who suggests the possibility of "something isn't quite right" as the villain instead of the super hero. I stumbled upon this blog the other night from one of the other blogs I follow and loved the pictures and stories, then I noticed the "If You're New Start Here" link and recognized the story. It is such an inspirational yet not sunshine and rainbows story about the reality of realizing you have a child who has special needs. It talks about the grieving process and the real emotions that I think some parents are ashamed to have when going through a similar experience. I am so excited to find the follow up to the magazine article as Kelle's writing pulls you in and makes you feel as though you are a close friend. I suggest you Start at the Beginning and assume that like me you will be hooked.

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