Friday, March 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Jim

Today is my loving, patient, supportive, one day shy of one year husband's Birthday. We hadn't originally planned on the two celebrations on top of each other. There was only one date available in our "ideal" time range. Jim joked that it would make remembering our anniversary years from now much easier as me getting him a birthday gift would remind him he needed to get me a gift and save him from getting in a lot of trouble. Although I don't think Jim is the type to forget an anniversary. 
So instead of spending a night out celebrating his birthday my husband spent his last birthday...
 Showing his cousins' kids around a firehouse...
Cutting flowers...
Rehearsing a wedding

He put up with my last minute "To do..." lists,  following a well planned itinerary, and spent his spare moments reassuring me that everything was going to be perfect. In return I promise to never plan another birthday quite so stressful.... but we both enjoyed having so many loved ones here and together for Jim's Birthday! 

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