Friday, March 18, 2011

Little Sprout

You see that little green thing in the middle of the picture?! That is my first little sprout! I went out to water the plants this afternoon and noticed one of the seeds at the surface and went to push it back into the dirt when I looked a bit closer and realized it had a little green protruding from the side! This is the cucumber plant. 

 In my excitement to document my first sprout I didn't realize some visitors had approached. I was excited to see them both as the other day I had seen a male duck in the road just on the other side of the pond.
 They hung out while I went inside and got them bread. They even got brave enough (or were hungry enough) to venture onto our porch.

 "Got any more food?"


  1. GREAT...look forward to fresh veggie when I get there !!

  2. They just wanna sell you on an insurance quote