Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lake Santee

This past weekend Jim and I went camping at Santee State Park. Jim's dad had told him about this park and that it is well known for the good fishing. It takes about two hours to get there from where we are and it had already been a long day. When we arrived and had checked in there was already a camper with a boat in our site. We had to wait for the Park Ranger to go talk to them so we hung out by one of the fishing docks and took this self portrait.
It took about forty five minutes until we were able to start setting up. There were not many others in the campsites and most of them were in campers that must have had  their own potties as they never even came out of their campers, except to walk their dogs a couple of times.
 We used the State Park website to decide which campsite to reserve and I would say we did a good job as this was the view.
Tucker waited patiently as we set up our campsite (not really, he was mad he was on a leash and we weren't with him). He always sits so pretty for pictures.

Home Sweet Home Away From Home
And the view from our tent :D We spent the rest of the night getting the fire started and cooking food over the fire.
Saturday morning we got up and went to another part of the lake so that Jim could fish and I could read my book. I am not sure if it was the time of year or if the park is always this quiet but it was so nice to be outside and enjoying the peace and quiet.
I think Jim liked the surroundings too.
There were signs that warned people not to feed alligators or throw things into the lake because to an alligator a "splash" means food. Fortunately this was the only green we saw in the lake.
There was also a crane across the lake (my camera has amazing zoom)
After some time with no fishing luck we ate lunch and went exploring. Jim decided to go and check out the shore down this steep path while Tucker and I waited.
But Tucker got a bit stressed about Jim being on the other side of the cliff so we joined him. The wind was so strong there were some waves lapping the shore.
From the shore we could see the bridge, there is a foot bridge that you can walk across and fish from. We just never figured out how to get there from where we were.
The park also had several Limestone Sinkholes.
Don't worry we left Tucker in the truck while checking these out.
Saturday was cold and windy and we went back to the campsite to start a fire and warm up. The rest of the day was spent napping and reading. We were joined at the campsite next to us by some younger people who made us understand why most of the older campers had been giving us dirty looks the day before. I'm not old and they bugged me!
Sunday was kinda rainy and colder than Saturday. After the campsite was cleaned up, we had breakfast, and we checked out at the office Jim did a little more fishing while Tucker and I stayed warm and dry in the truck and did some more reading. We also spotted this guy by our campsite Sunday morning.
Leaving Santee State Park.
We hope to go back to Santee State Park when it is a bit warmer and hopefully the fish will be biting a bit more as well. I look forward to more reading time.

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  1. Looks like a nice weekend! I can't wait for it to warm up so we can go camping!