Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Look what I got today!

You see these?
Those are 282 photos that I will be scrap booking this weekend! I finally used Shutterfly! I have been a member for a long time but I really am one of those people who likes to buy things and have them in hand immediately, but they had a deal for up to 300 pictures for one cent each. I only got 282 because Shutterfly started acting silly and not opening some of the picture files I was trying to upload, I got frustrated and gave up at 282. With taxes and shipping it was only $17! I take so many pictures and don't print them often.... but now that I have plenty of scrap booking supplies (Thanks Mom!) it is time to get moving!
This weekend will be a 4 day weekend for me, so plenty of time to spread out and get some serious work done!!! Yeay for Spring/Easter Break!
What are your Spring Break/Easter plans?

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  1. Look out for ones from Snapfish, too. They have a 100 for $5 shipped every month or so. I've used them twice this year and the pictures were not bad. I've been looking for photo printing deals since starting Project Life. I hadn't been getting pictures printed since I started digital scrapping.