Friday, March 30, 2012

Another Goal Met

   I have met another of my 100 by 30 goals this week! This was one of the ones I knew would be harder for me to meet.
 37.Go to the gym 3x/week for 1 month
This is a goal I set because I usually go for about 2 weeks... get frustrated that I am not seeing the results I want fast enough, get sore, get overwhelmed at work. Something anything happens, I stop going for a few days and just give up till the next month. I started by just going to zumba class and going to walk/jog on the treadmill for a little bit. Honestly zumba is what kept me going back. I really liked it. Then I decided that while I am working out I might as well work on a few of my other goals (#'s 33 and 34). After talking to my co-worker and friend Jessica (who is a rock star runner) we decided to start running in the mornings together because we wanted to run 5k's.
I have tried this whole running outside thing with Jim before and let me tell you... frustrating. The man can just go. He can sit on the couch, eat junk, and just be- then he just gets up and can bust out a kick butt workout/run like it was nothing. I am left in his dust frustrated that I am not starting as easy. Thank goodness for Jessica. It is much more equal (don't get me wrong she could lap me if she wanted to) she runs at a reasonable pace, actually appears to be putting forth effort, doesn't complain when I need a little break, and dreads the increase of time and distance with me. I LOVE this girl!
Jim has been very supportive and encouraging. I have set little incentives for each accomplishment and he has been excited to to allow me to "splurge" on these items as I meet each goal.  These rewards were workout related including new workout clothing and the wonderful Nike-ipod+.
I was a bit nervous that it would become one of those items you buy and don't ever really use. So far it has come in very helpful. I plug the white part into my ipod and slip the sensor in the mesh side of my shoes. I have Nike shoes but not the Nike+ shoes that have a special compartment for the sensor. The sensor still works fine (I tested it with a jog on the treadmill). Since Jessica and I run outside and not on a set path it is nice to know how far/long we have run. It also allows me to upload my runs to the Nike+ website and see our distance, time, and pace for all of our runs! The website also has some other helpful goal and coach (train for a 5K 1/2 marathon or full marathon programs) features but right now Jessica and I are kinda doing our own thing in preparation for an upcoming 5k!
Looking forward to Week 5!

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