Monday, April 9, 2012

Another try at flowers

My weekend project of sprucing up our porch is really coming along quite quickly.

Scarlet is a bit jealous of the amount of time Tucker has been able to spend outside with us. She also desperately wants to get at the ducks in the pond as well.

 I had originally planned on putting in pansies as they are hearty and I have seen them in flower beds all over Myrtle Beach. Once I got to the store I was having a hard time to finding them and was told they are not a summer plant here. From what I had read online I had been doing things a little backwards as I usually buy flowers that are in full bloom. I guess you are supposed to buy flowers that are still in bud form, supposedly they will last longer. We will see if that is enough to change the outcome. I also made sure to buy full sun flowers as we have a south facing porch that has direct sun most of the day. I got a variety of shapes and flowers... sticking with pinks and purples.

 All potted and hoping for some growth and lots of pretty flowers.

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