Sunday, April 8, 2012

Painted Flower Pots

I have had some flower pots left over from an attempt at a container garden on my porch (I'm not much of a green thumb). Recently I have decided it is time to make the most of our little porch and so we will enjoy spending time out there while we have this beautiful Spring weather. In several blogs and Pinterest posts I have seen beautiful painted flower pots and since I don't really have the best painting skills I decided to go for the "purposefully imperfect" look. Besides DIY is so much more fun than spending a lot of money, it gives me a chance to use some of my craft supplies (see I really do need all that stuff J!).

To begin with I had 8 terracotta pots of varying sizes.

 Acrylic paint- I used mostly white with a few drops of yellow and one drop of brown, I then water down the mixture, don't worry about perfect mixture just a little watery paint solution (if you want a thinner coverage use more water).
 A corse bristled paint brush- I wanted the brush marks to come through.
A small bowl for paint- I used a cleaned out orange fruit cup (I drain the juice off them and eat them with my fingers when I crave sweets! Yumm!).
 I then sat and covered the pots with several coats of my paint mixture until I got the desired effect. It is more forgiving if you add more water and you can put on just a light covering to get a "white washed" effect. Also if you use a paper towel to rub the paint as you go you can reduce brush marks if you don't like those and it fades the paint. The paint also soaks into the terracotta making it a very forgiving canvas in my opinion.
All finished pots in a row.

 Up close of my favorite one. I am hoping to get a hearty flower to put in them. I see pansies everywhere here and think maybe they can survive my black thumb if they can make it in those flower beds along Ocean Blvd.

What do you think?


  1. pansies are good; colorful, hardy & tolerant of cold & head. don't forget rocks for good drainage & perhaps mulch on top of soil for moisture retension.

  2. ooo! i literally love all things painted fresh! thanks for sharing the spot of sunshine!

    happy wednesday friend!