Monday, April 30, 2012

Spring Cleaning

Have you ever heard of the book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie ? Well there has been a similar situation in our home... but in our case it has been If You Give Your Wife a Bookcase.
She will gather all the books.
Clean out all the cupboards.
Rid out the storage space.
Set up a craft room.
Organize the closet.
And in general just start cleaning and organizing any and everything she can.
Tonight's mission was going through the growing "We are keeping this but it doesn't have a place" box, kitchen deep clean, and laundry. While putting away laundry I remembered an idea I saw on Pinterest. So I reorganized my t-shirt drawer.
 I fit two drawers worth of t-shirts in one drawer and I like that they are all visible. I will let you know how this works in the long run.
What gets you in the mood to clean? What are your cleaning/organizing tricks? 

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