Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ohio Trip Part 5

 Saturday we got up bright and early and drove to Jim's dad's house to hang out for the day. We  were greeted by Dillon... who likes rubbing up against a bush that has burrs in it and nipping my arms, he also doesn't understand the concept of "No" very well either.
We showed off some wedding pictures and talked for a bit. I was excited to hear that Jim's dad reads my blog :oD!!!! (I think that means I officially have more than 9 followers!!)  Soon enough we were outside and playing with Jim's wedding gift. Remember how I got a camera? Jim got a shot gun. So he had to show it to his dad and try it out a bit.

Jim's dad also tried it out.
I don't think he likes it at all. What do you think.
And while they played with guns I got bored and took pictures with my toy. (my camera)
I LOVE fall in Ohio! It was a bit more chilly than I had expected. I actually had on a t-shirt, sweatshirt, and a jacket. The wind was a killer. Notice Jim's sister Alex's coat and boots... LOVE them. I was happy to be sitting up on the fence with her... it's a good excuse to get out of shooting... "Oh no I don't need to try that gun... I am already up here, I'll just stay!" But seriously my favorite is the 22, very little kick.
After they got in all they got in plenty of shooting time we went inside and talked more, watched tv, I cuddled with puppies (Charlie and Brutus love me).
By the time we got back to the campground there were plenty of family members to greet us. We made hobo pies. My cousin Debby had never had them before and she agrees they are the best thing... we don't get how Katy doesn't like them. Oh and by the way my hobo pie maker doesn't melt in the fire... Haylee I think you need to upgrade.
Oh and my Aunt Donna likes her hot dogs charred. There is not enough ketchup in the world for me to eat mine like that! Jaxon also likes his marshmallows on fire... I honestly think he enjoys the blowing them out part more than he likes the burnt marshmallows, but it was fun to assist.
This is my cousin Debby's little man who is teething and totally adorable.
A toast to Wild Bill who passed away. We used to camp here as a family all the time... as a matter of fact this is where my chewy bacon love came about. We all have so many great memories of Bill and Ruth Ann.

Look at everyone hanging out... this is what I miss so much.
Tucker was not sure what to think of this new style of camping... there was actually grass and a lot more people.
Jim wanted taco in a bag again Saturday, when he went to make it my cousin Jeremy encouraged him to just eat it in the bowl since there wasn't much left.... it didn't take much to convince Jim this was a good idea. He was applauded for finishing it all, although he will be teased about this for a LONG LONG time.
Have you ever seen the Piggy goes "Wee weee" all the way home Geico commercial? Yes my family has adopted it as their own and drove around the campground bringing joy to all the other campers and themselves.
Tucker would not sit on Katy or Alicia's laps at the campground and prefered Haylee. He didn't even notice where I was for a long time.

Again it was a cold night in and we were both thankful for great sleeping bags!

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