Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ohio Trip Part 1

 Jim and I got OSU tickets through the Alumni Football lottery. We just happened to get tickets to the Marshall game which also happened to be the Alumni Cheerleading game. Since It was also Labor Day weekend so we were excited to make an extended trip back home. Here is Tucker riding in the back seat being a good boy. Tucker stayed with my parents while we were in Columbus.
 After resting for a few hours we headed to Columbus a bit early so we could walk around before the Alumni Cheerleader luncheon. 
And we got our first glimpse of the new Union. It is huge!
We walked over to Mirror Lake and took some pictures. Everything seemed so much more beautiful than when I was there. Jim thinks it is because I was too busy stressing during my time there to fully enjoy the scenery. Not going to lie I believe that is a possibility.

 After Mirror Lake we walked up to the library. We also got to see what is in my opinion the most beautiful building on campus, University Hall. I had at least 8 classes in University Hall and most of them in the same large lecture hall in the basement.
Then there was the beautiful new library.

It is very open and bright. A stark contrast to how dingy and closed in it used to be. I will never forget the time I was searching for a book and in a back tightly squeezed corner, on the other side of a support column I found a door that opened into a whole separate room.

The stacks are much more welcoming now. Probably a lot less confusing too.

The top floor is still a space dedicated to studying and has maintained the focus on an amazing view of the campus. I was a little disappointed to see that they have not adorned the wall with the old pictures of campus that I used to marvel at. It is crazy to think how vastly the campus has changed through the years.
The view of the oval. I used to sit at a any of the tables along this wall. It was my favorite view.
The other side offers a nice view of the stadium.

Or you could choose south campus and downtown.
Downstairs there was an exhibit on old Buckeye football items.
Like this Brutus the Buckeye mascot helmet.

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