Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ohio Trip Part 2 More OSU Tour

When we left off Jim and I were checking out some nice OSU football history. We left the library and headed back across the oval. We had to stop to get this picture of me with William Oxley Thompson (he was the 5th president of OSU). The story with the statue is that back in the day when all the families were assembled to watch the students graduate the students would receive their diplomas and return to the back of the line for William Oxley Thompson to marry them as he was an ordained minister and it was difficult to get entire families together frequently back then. Not gonna lie if Gordon Gee were to offer the same we may have gone that route.

A view looking back towards the library across the oval.
Next we walked through Page Hall. It has an exhibit dedicated to John Glenn. Who happens to be a big deal where I am from. There is even a John and Annie Glenn Museum in New Concord, OH
Then we had to explore the new Ohio Union. They have a cute little store with all things Buckeye. If they had these rain boots when I was at OSU they would have been mine. Trudging across campus in late winter and spring you have two options... rain boots or wet, cold feet. These are such a cute and school spirited way to endure the endless potholes and puddles.
There was a plethora of Buckeye clothing but I was immediately drawn to these cute items. Yes, my future children will be adorned with endless amounts of OSU themed apparel. I am very proud of graduating from OSU and really hope they'll at least consider going to OSU. Notice in the second picture my hand for size reference. Tiny clothes are SO irresistible.
The Union has many food options and reminds me of the Marketplace on south campus that opened during my time at OSU. They also had these nifty plastic utensil dispensers which I find much more sanitary than containers of them sitting out for others to breathe, sneeze, and cough on. Do you have any idea how many germs college students have?!?!
Upstairs was the ballroom. We overheard another woman giving a tour telling her followers that much of the materials used were recycled. Notice also the attention to detail on the door handles.
There is also some space dedicated to Mr. Griffin. He's kind of a big deal, and since he has two he has allowed one of his Heisman trophies to be put on display in the Union.
This is the ILLIBUCK it is a trophy that is passed between Ohio State and Illinois based on who wins in football each year. Jim wanted this especially for his sister Jen who went to Illinois.... and I believe there was also a "ha" involved. :)
The view of the Union. It is so beautiful. The decorating was amazing.... everything is done in shades of Scarlet and Gray with various textures and patterns. We actually kept bumping into people that we knew a lot of cheerleaders as the luncheon was downstairs and a few people from University Housing. I worked for University Housing during my entire time at OSU, I started as an Office Assistant at the front desk of my dorm and moved up to the administrative offices when I moved out of the dorms and was an Assistant Resident Manager for one of the offices.
By then it was time to go to the Alumni Cheerleading luncheon. It was so nice to get to meet a lot of the people I have heard Jim talk about all these years and even meet other alumni from before and after Jim's time cheering at OSU. The current cheerleaders came and did what they do best. As they were preforming some of Jim's favorite people Corey and Laurie that owned Ohio Cheer Force came in with their children! :) We were so happy to get to see them again.
Next we have one more stop before it is Game Time!

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