Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ohio Trip Part 3

After our luncheon at Woody's in the Union we drove to our favorite OSU bar Nyoh's. We got a little more food (the sandwiches at the luncheon were "different"... if you are trying to feed the masses and only have two options my advice is to keep it simple. No caramelized onions or pesto sauce on my sandwich thank you.) We enjoyed some amazing pepperoni pizza... they have the same pepperoni as Addornettos. Yumm!
Me and Andrea.

Matt and Jim. The main topic of conversation was Hurricane Earl who was getting near the North Carolina coast and was threatening The Outer Banks where we had just been together.

Then it was time to walk over to the game... well French Field House first for some quality Grassy Noll time. It is a very long walk.... I think I blocked out memories of how long that walk really was because I was not dreading it at all until about half way through the walk and realized how far we had to go.
This parking garage is also a new addition since I left OSU.
Here is the little wrist band that everyone was worried about getting. Apparently OSU has implemented a limit on how many alumni cheerleaders were allowed to cheer the game.
Jim and Mike... Mike recently became a father and his son definitely stole the show at the luncheon!
Here are some pictures of Jim doing some stunting. And then the entire group of alumni cheerleaders who have this posing as a group down to a science. They all get together, smile, and count down from 10.
At this point I had to leave Jim and get to our seats as he would be walking in with the other cheerleaders.
I had forgotten how crazy the crowds of people are on game day.
See all these people... this wasn't even the worst of it.
When the ROTC guys start lining up that means it is about time for warm ups to start.
Then the Buckeyes do their entrance for warm ups.. and the crowd that has made it to their seats goes WILD!
And of course the man everyone talks about Mr. Pryor! :o)
The cheerleaders also make their way in for pregame. This is part of what the alumni cheerleaders get to participate in.

Once the teams have returned to the locker room the band makes their way onto the field and everyone cheers as they march out and then completely goes crazy when the drum major touches his plume to the ground in an amazingly controlled back bend. They also played Carmen Ohio which always makes me excited. One of the greatest things about being an Ohio State University alumni is having experienced a college so rich with tradition and history that alumni from two years ago and 30 years ago had the same traditions, to share those experiences with such a large group of people is pretty amazing.  And Blogger won't load the video I have of it so ya'll will have to wait and experience videos when I figure out that feature. That is also why there was such a delay between posts... have I ever mentioned how sometimes I get frustrated when things don't work the way I want? Yea last time it was figuring out the layout.
 Back to the subject...The game was not a nail biter but it was exciting to see the Buckeyes play and get a taste of the rest of the season.
At halftime both the regular marching band and alumni marching band preformed Script Ohio and made not two but FOUR Script Ohio's!

The third quarter brought more cheering for Jim and even more of a great performance from the Buckeyes.

 After the game we stayed for the singing of Carmen Ohio.
And we got down on the field to get some pictures of us together! :oD

Once we were able to get outside we met with my friend Tasha who is in her last year of Vet School. It was so great to get to meet up with more college friends.

Now it was time for the long walk back to Nyoh's... but it shouldn't be that bad right? We used  to do this all the time and had plenty to talk about it. 
Luckily we did have lots to talk about because the walk felt like forever... although we were moving faster than the cars sitting in traffic which was kinda humorous. We finally made it back to where we wanted to be... :oD

Next we make our way to visiting some family!

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