Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ohio Trip Part 6

To keep the busy weekend going... On Sunday we woke up, tore down and packed up our tent and camping supplies. Then we went home, showered and got ready for church and attended the 11:30 service. We got to see some of our favorite people and sat in front of The Ford's (remember them from mini golf and visiting the fire house). There were a lot of other people happy to see me and meet Jim. I love the people at Dresden United Methodist Church! :o)
After church we went to Adornetto's and ate lunch. I got my favorite Tuscan Chicken and a salad. Katy and I went and bought Katy's homecoming dress and made it home in time for her to try it on and show it to us all before it was time to got to the West M biddy league football game where we got to see some of our favorite tornadoes.
Yea basically my whole family lives in the West M district... I was the lone TV Scottie.
Jim got some time holding baby Ben some more. This was before the epic vomiting incident. Luckily it wasn't Jim who was the one holding him when he got sick... although I think his daddy earned what he got. Moral of this story is you should not feed babies Airhead candy.
After the game there was more campground family time.
Ahh the North Star. Again so many many memories... although it seems a lot smaller than it did when I was little. The stage and playground used to seem SO far away.
Look! Here is Jim walking in about to be initiated into the tribe!
And here are all the new members.... smiles all around! Ogga Booga!
I think Jim completely enjoyed the camping experience. He even told me that we need to repeat this at least a couple times a year. I could not agree more... having my entire family all hanging out in the same place for a whole weekend is so much fun. Sniff sniff miss you guys already! Counting down to June 2011!

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