Monday, March 19, 2012

Goals Update

 Six months are almost gone and it is time to evaluate how much I have done. With everything that has happened I am trying to keep myself busy. Being a big planning person, having my plans and timetable thrown off really messes with me (and also I needed something to plan).So I have thrown myself into planning and completing my 100 by 30 list.
6. Create a craft log. -I began going through my Martha Stewart Living magazines and taking out the pages of the projects and ideas I wanted to save. (In some issues it is most of the magazine) I need to buy plastic page sheets, a binder, and those tabs to organize the sections.
20. Start a campfire all by myself- I completed this on our recent camping trip and even started it with flint, newspaper and some lint.
35. Improve my posture- I have been going to the chiropractor and they will begin working with me this week to strengthen my muscles to improve alignment. I have been having a lot of neck and back pain as well as headaches recently. He did already suggest lying on my back 10 minutes each night (which is hard as I am a side sleeper), but I have been trying and at least lay and read my book on my back each night.
37. Go to the gym 3x/week for 1 month- I am 2 weeks in and going strong. I love the Zumba class. The instructor is so happy and fun.
43. Identify 25 things that make me completely happy-
    1. Slow dancing with Jim in the living room/kitchen. I love the randomness of it and that he still twirls me around. (I still have trouble allowing him to lead though.)
    2. Watching my parents be cute together. I am so blessed to have parents that are not only still together but who are very much in love. I have learned so much through the years about being a partner.
    3. Looking for a book in the library. I know it is nerdy but I love being surrounded by books and I can take lots of them home at no charge. Also LOVE when the book is old, they have so much character.
48. No tennis shoes/ponytails/t-shirts for 1 week- 3/5-3/9 Yes a work week and workouts don't count. But this was made easier by a new haircut and a recent shopping trip with my mom.
74. Read 30 Books-
   1. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
   2. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (and that completed that series for me)
   3. Animal Farm- George Orwell
75. Try 36 new recipies-
      3. Knock off Red Lobster chedder bay buscuits. Click here add a little extra garlic and a some extra cheese.
77. Learn 20 French phrases- I consider "knowing" them to be when I can use them without any reference.
    1. Je m'appelle Lyndsey. (My name is Lyndsey)
  I can also count to ten which may come in handy in other phrases later on.