Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Camping Trip

Jim and I took a much needed camping trip to our favorite place (Santee State Park) this past weekend. Recently we have been wanting to get away and just have nothing to do and relax. We have been camping there two times before. We loved the site we got so much last Spring that we made sure to book a site in the figure 8 loop again this time. 
Our site prior set up.

And the view from our site. We like being on the side nearest the lake, and then we set up our tent so when we wake up we open our door to a beautiful view. Fortunately we got there and got the tent set up completed just as it started to sprinkle some rain, we took the opportunity to take a nap.
After the rain stopped I accomplished one of my 100 by 30 goals as well as making the traditional hobo pie camping dinner and of course a s'more for dessert.
 I started this fire from scratch (and with flint not a lighter)!
We enjoyed a walk down by the lake and took in a breathtaking sunset. I only wish that cameras could capture it exactly as we saw it. The water was actually sparkling light blue near the shore. During this time we also noticed an animal darting back and forth several times before we realized it was a cat.
As we have already been to Santee State Park we already had our favorite fishing/reading spot picked out. There were a few more people than we were used to and one very big alligator who was guarding the second fishing spot. Between the alligator and what we assume was a big bunch of (young and loud) Boy Scouts (and one very loud female leader) fishing did not turn out as well as we had hoped.
But it was still sunny, warm, and beautiful to look at.
Oh and we also realized that I do not have the stomach for the stinky garlic bait stuff even when I am not pregnant (although it did not disagree with me quite as violently).
We decided to go for a ride and checked out the neighboring town Elloree before heading back to our campsite. We were especially glad we choose to be on "the loop" after hearing the large, noisy group of children earlier, the four near us had fun at a reasonable noise volume (although we assume the others were influenced by the mob mentality and mass amounts of sugar).
Due to the time change I actually slept in the second morning and due to the cold weather I laid curled in my sleeping bag even longer affording Jim some extra sleep time.
This is the view on the other side of our campsite (seriously love "the loop").
And a bit closer
As we were leaving we saw this little herd of deer grazing on some plants in the woods.
Although it was a relaxing weekend we agreed on the ride home that two nights is not enough and we will have to stay for at least three the next time we go.

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