Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Our Second Year

It is hard to believed that it has really been two years since we got married. At times it feels like just last month. This year we...
Enjoyed beach activities beyond the surf.
Proved just how "grown up" we are by getting excited over practical purchases.
Spent time with family 
(unfortunately Jim was on shift during the family picture, but fear not he participated in just as much Wii Just Dance and Sea Shell searching as the rest of us).
I went back to camp for one of the most rewarding and humbling weeks.
Weathered our first brush with  a hurricane (Irene).
Had ducklings! Whom (I) we spoiled with bread crumbs
 (to the point they came up onto our porch, oops).
Explored Charleston and some of the outer lying areas (with a visitor).
Walked all over Washington, D.C. (and toured The White House!!!) 
(please excuse the wet rat look when we were waiting in line it was POURING down rain, and ahem that is The White House in the background fyi).
Walked for a cause (again with visitors:)
Learned about history at the L.W. Paul farm and picked cotton! 
(and saw pigs, horses, and tobacco)
Spent more time with family.
Began working towards goals. 
(Brookgreen Gardens Nights of 1000 lights, on my 100 by 30).
Had an all white light tree again!
Celebrated Christmas with loved ones! 
(Poor Cruiser was the only one without a stocking.)
Got the most exciting news!
Enjoyed our first true Southern Winter.
There were just a few cheerleading events.
Weathered our toughest storm yet.

Spent more time at our favorite place.
This past year has had some of the most wonderful highs and our lowest low but I am happy to say that we got through it together. I have been so lucky to have had a involved, supportive, and understanding husband.  I look forward to our next year together.


  1. May you be blessed with many years together and may the smiles always outnumber the tears. Loave ya both