Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Heart Walk 2011-2012

   Some of you may remember last year when I blogged about the Team Horry Heart Walk. And I have told you about the legacy of heart problems that run in my family.
   This October I will be walking in the Waccamaw Area Heart Walk and raising money for the American Heart Association. I have started my own team "Break the Tradition" and would love to invite you to walk with me and join in raising money for research, advocacy, and education.
    My Grandma died before I was born of a massive heart attack while in the hospital recovering from a minor heart attack at age 45. In 1980 there weren't as many options for treating and managing heart attacks as there are today.  Thankfully about 20 years later when my dad has his heart attack they were able to perform bypass surgery, and again four years after that catheterization in which they gave him stints. It is my hope that improvements will continue to be made as one of my more distinct memories was that the doctor had said that because the heart attacks were genetically linked that my dad would need to undergo similar treatment in the future (hopefully very distant future). All I can remember is thinking I hope there is a better way by then.
    My dad also always also tells of his trip to the hospital. He was driven there by a co-worker from a jobsite and the nurses kind of brushed him off as being a healthy looking 38 year old who must be suffering from heat exhaustion. But my dad knew his symptoms and because of his knowledge of his family history insisted that they check him out. They relented and hooked him up to monitors and iv's. During one of the EKG's my dad actually started having a heart attack and because of their quick action and immediate access to medical intervention my dad's heart had minimal damage. A Cinderella story for a heart attack survivor.
   So in memory of my Grandma Ruby and in Honor of my Grandpa, Dad, and Aunt who have also survived heart conditions I will be walking on October 29th 2011 in hopes that my generation will "Break the Tradition" in our family. Click HERE to go to the team web page, donate, join our team, or start your own.

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