Thursday, May 5, 2011

Plant Update

We have what looks like a real garden now.
The Anaheim peppers have really taken off... 12 sprouts as of this morning.
The lone green pepper plant.
Tomatoes... they have little yellow flowers on them now.... I think that means well have real food soon.
Green bean plants.
Cucumbers... these also have little yellow flowers.
Basil... oh and FYI herbs are not as easy to grow as all the little "starter kits" make it out to be.... One would think that if they sell that many little "Grow Your Own" herb kits that they would be easy to grow.
The chives grew but just didn't last.
And then there's my tulips that Jim got me awhile back. Growing up my mom always planted the tulips and hyacinth she was given for various holidays (our church always sold them for Mothers day and Easter). I always loved when Spring would roll around and they would pop up outside our front door reminding me that warmer weather and Summer was just around the corner.  I keep watering them in the hopes that I can plant them outside our home someday start my own random flower collection.
How are your gardens doing? What have you planted?


  1. Your garden is coming along nicely. I've got to try to get to ours this weekend in between rain to weed our peas & onions. We also need to try to get the carrots in. Just a week and a couple days and we should be able to do the rest.

  2. put the tulip bulb in nylon pantyhose or knee hi & hang it so air circulates in cool dry dark place then plant fall or very early spring in a pot.