Wednesday, May 18, 2011

We're Planning a Trip....

 We have been debating between several places that we would both like to go for quite some time and for a little while we have been leaning heavily toward one destination in particular. Finally we have made a choice and started researching and planning since we will have a lot of ground to cover in not a lot of time because we are going to WASHINGTON, D.C.!
 Our Nation's Capitol was a good choice as we both enjoy history. Jim has never been to Washington, D.C. and I have only been there when I was very young (see also: don't remember a thing) and for a 6th Grade school trip, from which I remember only bits and pieces.
 One thing I remember distinctly was being told by a Security Guard that if our school had contacted the state representative in advance that we could have toured the White House (at least part of it anyway). This is one thing we will be looking into. (We did however meet Bob Nay and John Glenn during our visit and they signed our lovely yellow hats that we had to wear the entire trip).
 I have already obtained a tour guide book and a wonderful and easily readable map. It has pictures of the buildings instead of little squares to make it a bit easier to identify what you are looking for, much like the OSU campus map with which I was wildly successful (and that is good for a navigationally impaired girl).
 I also got some materials for assembling and organizing all the information and our itenerary. Because I would hate to show up unprepared and miss out on seeing as much as possible because we ran around like crazy, didn't know what we wanted to see, or having no information. It is my goal to  learn as much as possible about the buildings and their history so as we walk past I can tell Jim exactly what is so important about that particular building.
Have you been to D.C.? What do you recommend for food/hotels/sights/activities? Do you know historical tid bits that would be fun to know when seeing all the amazing buildings and monuments?


  1. I'm coming with you guys!! Jim won't care, will he? lol

    There's so much you can do there! If you do want to take the WH tour, contact your Congressman tomorrow. They book up fast. I was not impressed with the inside of the WH at all. Of course, now you can't take cameras which would make me mad b/c we had so much fun taking pics outside the WH on the driveway. And don't forget about touring the Capitol!

    I recommend spending an afternoon at Arlington. I could probably spend a whole day there. You can't go wrong with the Smithsonian Museums. Since they're free, if you don't like it you're not out anything. I think you still have to get tickets to go up the Washington Monuement. We went early in the morning to the kiosk (it's right in front) and was able to go up in about five minutes, before the lines started. Then you can explore all the memorials in that area. I've always wanted to go see the National Cathedral. Of course, if you have time you could visit the National Fallen Firefighters Memorial in Emmitsburg, MD. It's about 90 minutes from D.C. Oh, and there's some park near one of the airports where you can watch the planes taking off that is supposed to be kind of neat.

  2. Here's a tip I forgot...park the car in the hotel's garage and leave it until you are leaving for home (or traveling outside the area). We got Metro passes and used that the whole time we were there, except for a taxi one night. The Metro is pretty easy to navigate. Driving in DC is not as bad as NYC, but I would avoid it if possible. That way you don't have to worry about parking, either.

  3. Actually you've been to DC twice...the 1st time you were 3 yrs old maybe. From 6th grade trip I remember we mother's chillin under HUGH tree & guards running us off b/c that was President's jogging path. We did end up see President Clinton & the motorcade as were returning to WH. Which was pretty cool watching all the traffic lights, patterns, cops etc change 1/2 hr or so before saw actual motorcade coming. I also enjoyed congress; seeing the hall, attendance wall, etc...neat neat. By all means go to Mt. Vernon! You were throughly facinated with that in 6th grade & certain will enjoy just as much this round. I hope that you will visit the Vietnam Memorial Wall & bring a etching back for me.
    Good time you will have of that I'm sure!

  4. Jody, You are more than welcome to come with us! I really have already read the entire book that I got and will be visiting the library soon for more interesting information with which to overwhelm Jim while we are walking! I am compiling a list of what needs tickets, where is best to visit early, and plan the rest around that.... I have a color coding/planning problem. Where did you stay? Was it close/far? I am a little worried about the amount of walking this will mean.
    I remember liking Mt Vernon and think we may stop by there on our way in so we can avoid rush hour traffic. I also remember the tree pictures and being excited that the President of the United States was going past in his motorcade! The Vietnam Memorial is a must see.