Saturday, August 14, 2010

A visit from The Fords

This past week the Ford family was here for vacation . While they were here we met up to play mini golf.... and because Jim was working he did not get to go :( We played at one of the places I've never been before, Jurassic Golf.
We chose the Ice Age course.
Usually when Jim and I play mini golf together he wins every time and I feel like I take FOREVER to finish each hole. Well... not this time. Scott was actually joking after the first few holes that he could tell who got to play mini golf more frequently! :) Not gonna lie I was kinda excited, except that usually when I feel good about how I am doing that is when I tend to start messing up.

It was a bit intimidating to play near this guy....  but he never got all the way out. "I have a big head and little arms. I don't think this was well thought out" (Watch Meet the Robinsons and you'll get it. It's a Edbrooke family joke)
There was also this guy... this one actually moved! At first I thought it was swaying in the wind a bit but then his head turned completely.
Here is Julie taking her turn.
Scott, Trent, and Nick.
This hole was difficult with the crazy water hazard. It however was not as hard as the previous hole of which I did not take a picture. We actually all ended up being close in score Scott and I had 47 then Julie, Nick, and Trent had 51 so it was a close game, which always makes it more fun.
Because Jim couldn't come with us. We went to Jim! FYI Scott is a Lt. in Ohio and Julie used to be an EMT. Here is a family picture on the fire truck.
Here Scott and the boys are checking out one of the trucks while Jim and Scott share stories.

Nick trying on Jim's gear....
Trent too!
They were surprised at how heavy the air pack was too.
We really enjoyed our visit with the Fords. Jim LOVES to talk fire and I think Scott might too. It was so nice just to spend time hanging out and everyone really enjoyed themselves.


  1. It is so awesome to read about us in your blog!!! lol Thank you once again for spending the evening with us. We really enjoyed playing golf and spending time at the firehouse!! Love you guys!! Hope to see you in September!