Sunday, August 1, 2010

Murder Mystery Dinner

A while back my friend Jody invited me to go to a Murder Mystery dinner with her. Neither of us had ever been to one and we were excited. It was hosted by Main Street Conway and was at Coppers which just happens to be right across the street from my office.
Jody and I were some of the first guests to arrive. We were instructed to trust no one and suspect everyone. We did not see anything suspicious at first but then a few of the other people began to stand out.  Like these two women who went to all of the tables and encouraged everyone to "PARTY!!". There was also a womanizer Jack and an overly helpful waitress who quickly came to our attention.
After the first murder we were introduced to our trusty detective who lead us through a series of clues as well as with a few interrogations.
After a couple more unfortunate deaths and many more clues. We all took time to formulate our guess at who the killer was and why. We did this as a table/group. Unfortunately we were a little off on our guess. There were actually TWO killers working together!
This is the excitable waitress who ended up being one of the killers!
The entire cast.
And the winning table!
I also found out that they do this regularly up at The House of Blues and you can even get them to do private events and parties. They said they do a different scenario once a month so I definitely intend to see one again. It was so much fun and very entertaining. Thank you again Jody!

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