Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Turkey Trot 2010

  Jim and I have several "goals" we're working towards and since I love sharing with you all we'll (... maybe someday I'll get Jim to write a post if I can find the right motivation.) be updating you here about how things are going. I'll post the detailed list later so we can start checking it off for you. Anyways, back to our first goal/goals (this is several rolled into one). We want to eat better, learn to cook healthy, work out more, and lose weight/get in better shape. (Doesn't everyone?!)
 So everyone gains weight for different reasons and usually a combination of them. I have pinpointed the exact cause and reason for our weight gain. First I gained weight because I was happy and content in my relationship and because Jim portioned out most of our meals (I do NOT need the same amount of food as him!). Then we moved to SC and I wasn't working so I ate because I was bored and had nothing else to do and didn't know many people. Once I started working I was constantly on the go and ate junk food for convenience. As for Jim... he's comfortable and happy... oh and I MAKE him hang out and cuddle with me on the couch instead of a second daily work out and I can't tolerate the strict diet he used to keep (I like my food to have flavor).
   We have both been packing our lunches lately and buying more fresh/healthy foods and less junk. Now we have gotten back into working out regularly as well. We have a membership at Fitness Edge.
    I get really bored when I am on a treadmill or a bike for any length of time and it always seems the only equipment open is always in front of the TVs that have CNN,  ESPN, and The Food Network (they don't cook very healthy, not exactly the best thing to watch while working out), so I look through magazines. Reading articles is impossible but I like to look through the pictures and I can read large print and short blurbs while walking/biking. I really like the little blurbs about readers who have changed their lifestyle, how, why, and their motivational tips, accomplishments, etc. There was one about a girl whose father had a heart attack (and her grandfather before that) and her doctor told her if she didn't make some changes she would most likely have one as well. Well she decided that was not acceptable and made diet and exercise changes and a year and a half later ran a half marathon!! It struck a cord with me.
  For those of you that don't know heart problems run in my dad's side of the family and it starts young. Both my dad's parents had heart attacks and my dad's mom Ruby died at 45, my dad's sister has had several heart attacks and the first of them at a young age, and my dad has had two heart attacks. This July was 11 years from his first at age 38 (just weeks from 39), hard to believe when/if you meet him. He is a non-smoker, not over weight, pretty in shape, and doesn't eat crap food all the time. His second was about 5 years later another big shock to us. I don't want that for myself or the rest of my family, the fear that comes from what doctors call inevitable. See my handsome daddy!! And that tux is even big on him...
So... my goal was set. But I don't think I'm quite ready for a half marathon so a 5k it is. I went in to my typical research mode and it turns out there is a 5k here at Market Commons on Thanksgiving Day. Jim agreed that having a goal would make exercising more fun and I love planning and preparing so it's perfect!
 Jim and I will be running the Turkey Trot at 9 am Thanksgiving morning!
We have already started planning and our workouts from here on out will be focusing on preparing for the race. I'll be updating you every once in awhile on our progress and things we learn as we go. In return I hope you'll send encouragement for those days when "My feet hurt!", "I'm tired", or "I just want to watch TV for 10 more minutes". Maybe you'll even join us in running (if you would like to participate click on Turkey Trot to register... you can also do a 1 mile fun run or 8k. If you register early you get a lower rate as well.). I can share our workout plan if you'd like to follow along from a distance or locally. Or you could even come out just to cheer us on!

What are your running tips or strategies? What about favorite healthy recipes?

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