Saturday, August 28, 2010

Atalaya Ghost Tour

Last night Jim and I went with our friends on a Ghost Tour of Atalaya in Huntington Beach State Park.
 We had decided that ice cream was a must before we went on the ghost tour but Dairy Queen was too far out of our way and TCBY just happened to be on our route! I LOVE TCBY! (They have waffle cone Wednesdays and I don't get there as much as I would like.) My only complaint is that they don't have White Chocolate Mouse every time. :( Lucky for me they did this time! I also saw that they have White Chocolate Mouse Frozen Yogurt cakes! With my birthday coming up I now have my heart set on this! 
We arrived at the park just as the sun was setting. You can see Atalaya in the background.
The entrance to Atalaya as we waited for others to arrive and the ghost tour to start.

The other direction there is a path that supposedly leads all the way to 17.
Unfortunately my camera doesn't take pictures well in such dim light so I gave up at this point. Our guide told us 3 wonderful ghost stories/folk tales. It was very family friendly. After three stories we walked the darkened halls of Atalaya (which is huge). When we returned to the courtyard we had time for just one more story before it was time to go home.
Jim and I stopped by the Garden City pier afterwards as they light up the water under the pier at night and you can see the fish and jellyfish swimming around. We also had this stunning view.
We plan to go back to Huntington Beach State Park to tour Atalaya during the day. They even have those audio tours available complete with commentary from Anna Hyatt Huntington who was one of the original owners. It is $1.00 to tour Atalaya and $4 to have the audio self guided tour. The ghost tour however was free and runs every Friday at 8:30 in June, July, and August.

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