Saturday, June 12, 2010

South Carolina State Competition


      This past week the South Carolina Fire Rescue Conference has been here in Myrtle Beach. They have a bunch of seminars, a big hall with vendors selling all things fire rescue & some fire trucks new and old, and a state Combat Challenge competition. Last year we were unable to make it to the convention center to see all that stuff so we made it a point to stop in this year and check things out. We enjoyed walking around and looking at all the equipment. They even had an Omniflight helicopter in there which sparked two debates 1) How did they get it in there? and 2) Could Jim fit in one of those? They used a trailer type thing and we were told that Jim could indeed fit. Although from looking inside it appears the patient's head is literally on the medic or nurses feet. I don't think I could focus on what drugs to administer when and how much when flying in that tiny thing.... kudos to those who can and do.

Beautiful old fire trucks.
And I HAD to have my picture with this truck!

     We each got a little something.... I got a t-shirt and Jim some sort of belt that he has been wanting. We had to leave to get to Broadway at the Beach where the Combat Challenge would be taking place. We arrived with plenty of time and I was able to watch the Explorers (teenagers) competition
     This ended up taking much longer than I think they had planned and the Combat Challenge portion didn't start till almost 4. I sat with Jody (Jim's station 8 captain's wife) and Kristin (Team Horry member Ken's wife). There was much girl talk to pass the time and Jody and I quickly found that Kristin was prepared for ANYTHING! She had an extra strength tylenol, vitamins, tissues, hand sanitizer, two kinds of gum, an umbrella, a digital camera, a video camera, two phones, and much much more! My new theory is who needs to pack just invite Kristin! Despite the slow start we were excited to see the guys warming up on the course.
The following are pictures from the HCFR Team Horry Relay team #1
 Arron W. pulled the rope but I missed that (sorry Aaron you were just that fast!). Medeiros on the stairs.
Howell with ten stitches in his right index finger hitting the keiser.
Howell running the cones as well.
Noreck with the hose pull.
Jim on the dummy drag.
Team Horry won quite a few trophies that day.
1st in Team Relay
 Mike Medeiros, Aaron Windsor, David Howell, Mike Noreck, Jim Edbrooke
1st Team Horry 1  and 3rd Team Horry 2 in Team Challenge
2nd Mike Medeiros & 3rd Jim Edbrooke in Individual Challenge
2nd Matt Smith in Cheif's Indivitual
3rd Pam Wingate and Lt. Rainbolt in Co-ed Tandem
NOW Kristin has everything in her purse! :D
I did video Jim's run but due to Blogger being difficult I will have to upload that in another post.


  1. Congrats to Team Horry! Love the "Paul" fire truck.

  2. Woohoo! I'm excited and proud! Can't wait to see everything first hand in November!