Sunday, June 6, 2010

Busy Weekend

 We have had quite the weekend! Friday we got to meet the newest member of the Andrew family. Totally adorable, and a full head of hair! I had forgotten about the tiny little grunting & sighing babies make. I got to buy the cutest tiny little outfits for her! I even got matching pink shoes (which her mommy appreciated). Remember how I said we need to avoid those little ones in order to stave off baby fever... yea, seeing Jim holding her = AWWWW! After that Jim and I went to work out then came home and did some serious cleaning (Katy is coming next weekend remember). We even moved the stove and fridge to clean out all the dog food Scarlet has swatted under there.... I now know why we have to buy more so frequently (honestly could have filled one of the small dog food bags with what we cleared out).
    Jim worked Saturday. So I kept up the pace. Worked out, went shopping for shorts that are appropriate for work, a little work, and some more cleaning.
   This morning Jim and I got ready and went to breakfast Jack DeBroules in Garden City . We had the unlimited breakfast for $5.99... sooooo good. You get to order your items and then they come back and ask which items you would like more of and they then cook them for you, so it is all freshly cooked! Jim was only able to eat three plates of food. Here he is in his food coma! We have to go back soon to try their lunch/dinner menu... if their bbq is as good as their breakfast I can't wait!

After breakfast we went for a walk on the beach. The beach was crazy busy and full of people. When we got to the water I understood exactly why. It was the perfect temperature! I did NOT want to leave.

But I needed to get home... one of those ugly migraines had started again and I needed a nap before my afternoon events started.  Remember how I said we have some great wildlife outside our house....

We have seen these before but never caught quite this great of a picture. I laid down for a few hours (sleep & an ice pack are about all that give me any relief). Fortunately since my "alarm clock" fell asleep as well I woke up with enough time to go to my next event.... a Baby Shower! (I told you we are surrounded!) This one is for Jim's previous Captain Howell's wife Candace.

There were tons of adorable baby items, and silly baby games of course. But I also learned that my mom is not the only one to air little tid bits in public. Although Candace if it makes you feel better at every large milestone since I graduated high school my aunts have "happened" to mention at the age of 2 I mooned my Aunt Beth and it was caught on film... in a picture that continues to reappear.
After the baby shower I met my wonderful husband, who remembered every single item on my "please bring" list and then some. I met Jim at the beach and we spent some time in the water
The waves were great but a bit strong. I had difficulty keeping myself out at the same place as Jim. He is trying to teach me to use my little body board. I've got the riding over them just not the riding them into shore (anyone have any suggestions?). I got knocked around quite a bit before I retired to my little beach chair and watched Jim. Such a great way to end a busy day! Now for a little tv and cuddle time!

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