Saturday, June 5, 2010

More Wedding Recaps

  Last time I told you all about the proposal. As I mentioned before we were keeping the engagement quiet until I was able to tell my sister, we didn't want her to find out on facebook or someone else. I had however kicked my research into overdrive. We knew that we wanted to get married here in Myrtle Beach as we felt planning a wedding in Ohio from SC would be difficult and let's be honest I am too much of a control freak to let anyone else take care of the details for me.
   We checked out several venues. There were hotels, banquet halls, and even one park. I did a lot of my research online, requested information, and crunched numbers. We had hoped to get married in April or May 2010. Our families were immediately concerned. My mom was afraid having the wedding during the school year would prevent many from attending and Jim's sister has several conferences for work in May and didn't know exact dates for us to plan around. It was very frustrating and stressful to feel like no matter what we did someone (close to us) was going to be upset or disappointed. We knew that we didn't want to wait until the height of tourist season when rates for hotel rooms would sky rocket and the heat would make a wedding dress and tux unbearable. I was getting antsy with our options getting more and more limited and nothing set in stone. Finally we found The Breakers. Their prices were reasonable and venue beautiful, they were even planning to start rennovating their ballroom October 2009 to get rid of the red and gold decorating for more neutral colors. The only hang up... they only had two dates available for Spring 2010 March 27th and April 17th, the latter of which another couple had "penciled in". So we "penciled in" March 27th and crossed our fingers for April 17th as we were hoping the longer we waited the warmer the weather.
   We waited for about a week for a call from Brynda from the hotel. When we finally heard back the April 17th couple had decided to keep that date, so March 27th it was. I could finally order those Save the Date postcards I had been drooling over! I had found a deal at VistPrint, I was able to get 100 for the price of shipping only! Now all we needed to do was put together a guest list so we could mail out those pretty little postcards!

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