Friday, June 18, 2010

Adventures with a Teenager Week 1 Day 3

   On Tuesday I had to go back to work :(  Katy got to experience her first day alone since Jim's ACLS class lasted all day. When he got home we ate a quick dinner and went to Broadway at the Beach to watch Avatar in 3D at the IMAX. We couldn't allow her to watch it the first time at our house on our tv! We enjoyed the movie with 400 others.

The movie was over around 8:45 so we walked around and shopped/checked things out till the fireworks started at 10. Our first stop was a little electronics shop that had lots of neat gadgets and then this ipod pig. It is a dock that has speakers for eyes. (My sister takes pigs to the fair so this is a reoccurring theme in our family).
Next we wandered through It's Sugar. They have some crazy candy themed items; lip gloss, candles, stuffed animals, and clothing. You can also make your own candy bar.

They had a great display of artistry. I happen to love Jelly Belly beans.

Then there were these monstrous Gummi Bears.... and I thought of my Uncle Bruce.
They even have them on a stick... cause you would want to eat them like a sucker? I mean I get that the ears, feet, and arms may be small enough to nibble off but the rest I think you would have to put on a plate and cut up in order to eat. Besides if they are real Gummi Bear consistency wouldn't they flop around? I just envision it twisting around on the stick while I try and chase the perfect bite or falling off the stick completely. And the alternative is what? A not gummy Gummi Bear? Eww. Have I ever told you the gross Gummi Bear story? No? Let's just say when you make jell-o shots Gummi Bears do not make a good addition, not sure if it was the refrigeration, alcohol, or jell-o.

After leaving It's Sugar... without any candy :( We walked past some of the newer activities. This one was just too amusing. They are flimsy plastic orbs that are blown up with air once the children/small adults are inside & the kids are never able to fully stand up. My question how long is it safe to be in an air tight bubble & what if it gets a leak? There are some ferocious and hungry animals in that water.

Just look what they do for a handfull of really expensive dog food!

In the Tiki Jim store we found these while the spelling is off our names were right next to each other!
Sisters :)

Outside of the new Ron Johns (which just opened) they had this really pretty sand sculpture.

Then finally it was time for what we had been waiting for.

And on the way home we had to stop and get ice cream. Sonic has this great deal that you can get sundaes for 99 cents after 8pm.

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