Sunday, June 13, 2010

Katy's Here

   As I have talked about  a bit before my sister is staying with us for three weeks this summer. She got here today! It was also her first time on a plane and her seventeenth birthday! Mom snapped a pic of Katy getting ready to go through security.

And an hour and a half later she was in MB!

We easily found her luggage (the MB airport is small and easy to navigate) and made our way into the 94 degree heat which felt like 105 and 60% humidity! Welcome to South Carolina no need to drink water you breathe it in. Katy's first request was for food.

We decided to eat at Bonefish Grill for her birthday dinner. Katy actually tried new food! This is the girl who will order chicken tenders with ranch at EVERY restaurant. She had the chicken marsala and loved it! I'm so proud of her for trying new things. We discussed what she'd like to do and see while she's here and picked the must do's and maybe trys.

On the way back to the house Katy gave me a present! Silly Bands in OSU shapes! The new logo in red and a buckeye leaf in grey. These are my first silly bands and while I feel a bit old for this trend since they are OSU themed I feel I must.

Once we got home Katy was able to settle into her temporary bedroom. She also got to see Tucker and Scarlet who were excited to see her. Scarlet has never properly met Katy as the last time she was here they brought Cruiser (my parents' monster of a black lab) and Scarlet spent the next 4 days under Jim's bed. Scarlet was a bit more curious this time. Turns out Scarlet doesn't just attack my hair she like's Katy's hair as well!

Once we all changed and our food digested a bit we went to the beach!


  1. If Scott & Julie are wearing Silly Bands, you are no where near too old for them! Their's are fire shapes.

  2. Whew I'm safe. Katy showed me all of hers they are SO cute! I love the little animals and the alligator glows in the dark! I may have to look for the fire shape ones now!

  3. Love the pic of Kat looking @ Cat! Funny I just saw Scott & Julie tonight & yepppers he was sportin' his silly fire bands. They found them @ flee market somewhere.