Tuesday, April 5, 2011

How to Follow

Some of you were asking how you can follow the blog.... 
1) Go to the right side of the blog page where you see "Followers", click on the white button with the colorful google symbol on the left.
 2) It will ask you to sign in using an account you already have. So if you have a google, twitter, yahoo, or even an AIM account (do people still use AIM?).
 4) You will then be directed to what looks like your usual log in screen. Enter your e-mail or user id and password (don't worry it doesn't share that info).
5) Once you have signed in you will see this screen with your name and possibly icon picture. There you choose to Follow Publicly or Follow Privately (read the little descriptions under them to decide what is best for you, If you follow publicly you will be added to my Follower count on the right side of the blog). Then Click the white "Follow this blog" button on the bottom left of that box.

 6)Yeay! You are then an official Follower of our blog!
Let me know if you need more help.

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