Monday, April 4, 2011

Another Lazy Sunday

Yesterday brought back our beautiful weather again. Jim and I used this opportunity to get outside and enjoy the sunlight. 

 We ate an early dinner at one of our favorite pizza places.
 Then we headed to the beach.
 To one of our favorite places.... do you recognize it?
 The Breakers.
 Looks a little different than it did on our wedding day.
 They installed a hand rail on the pathway.... a bit late for our guests although it isn't quite as pretty of a walk in picture with the metal rail in the middle.

 We were really at the beach for one reason. Jim to fly his kite.

 Jim was quite happy.
 The kite quickly soared higher and higher.

 Until the 500 feet of string was all reeled out.
 And the kite was just a tiny dot in the sky (the black speck at the center of the picture).
 I stood at the edge of the water.
 Less than 3 months till my family will be here to visit. The water was tolerable and felt comparably warm to the cool windy air.
 The only thing about having amazing wind in which to fly a kite.... the kite does not want to come back down. Reeling in 500 feet of string proved to be harder than I thought it would be.


  1. I wanna fly a kite...all 500 ft up!!

  2. Well we'll be sure to let you fly it when you are here!