Sunday, April 3, 2011

Celebration Weekend

Last weekend was a big weekend here at our house. Jim's Birthday was Saturday and our 1st Wedding Anniversary was Sunday. Jim worked Friday and had both Saturday and Sunday off. So I spent Friday prepping and here is what Jim came home to.
He had several cards waiting for him as well.
  The always popular Snoopy.
And I was oh so excited to get Jim his first "Husband" birthday card!
 Then it was time to open up those gifts and I had a specific order in which he was to open them.
 This is where he realized what I had gotten him.
     And the second part of the gift.... Scarlet was interested too.
                         She really liked chasing the string around and was waiting to pounce.
                     The kite all together! It's big! Jim used to love flying kites with his Grandpa Bop.
After filling up on cake we went to the convention center where some of the girls he used to coach at Ohio Cheer Force were competing with their new team. Jim was so happy to get to see the girls and their families, except for being surprised about how much they have gotten older in 3 years (making him feel old)! Several of the mom's told me how great Jim is, it is always nice to hear other people think your favorite person is pretty great too.
Jim and Shelby Shea
  Morgan, Taylor, Devin, Jim, Little Courtney, Courtney, and Meaghan
 Jim and Mo.
 Sunday we slept in and because it was cool and rainy delayed going out for as long as possible. We ate an early dinner at Carraba's and went to watch the movie Limitless (which we were a little disappointed by). When we came home we ate our replica cake. No, I did not save the top tier of our wedding cake.... I have difficult time eating 1 day old leftovers. We ordered a small version from Piggly Wiggly and the bakery clearly remembered our cake from last year (although I again sent Jim with a picture and fabric swatch).


  1. Looks like you guys had a wonderful weekend to celebrate your special days! Hope you got my card. I bought it three weeks before your anniversary, but wouldn't you know I wouldn't get it in the mail until the day

  2. Jody we did get your card. I do the same thing with cards. I just like getting mail that isn't a bill! Thank you!