Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What to do? What to do?

    It is hard to believe but Jim and I have already been married more than 10 months! So that means in less than two months (45 days to be exact) we will no longer be "Newlyweds".  So the name of the blog must change.... although I am not sure what this next phase we are entering should be called.  We will no longer be "newlyweds" and are not yet "parents" (although I dearly love my fur babies). I am hoping to still use the blog to share with our family and friends little bits about our daily life and of course more adventures. I have seen several people who are doing the 365 project and really like the idea of taking notice and documenting the little every day things.
I am officially requesting your suggestions! You better take the chance... I rarely need help in making plans!
Should I do a separate blog for the 365 project or just wind it in with my regular (or as of late rater irregular) blogging? Also what about that name? 
I look forward to your suggestions!


  1. I would just combine it with this would be hard to keep 2 up!
    as for names.... the adventures of us,
    A glimps into the life of us....that is all I got right now! baby is taking the brain away :)

  2. ditto - like 365 idea combined where this leaves off. Living the Dream - 365 or Coastal 365, Our Life~Chapter 2, ummm thats all for now.

    love ya