Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Charleston Trip Part 3: Downtown

The first place we hit up was CUPCAKE... did you really have doubts we would go there?! I love that place. Unfortunately I forgot my "Free Birthday Cupcake" postcard (but Jim said we'll go back).

Jim and Cathy ate boring flavors (I couldn't convince them to step out on a limb)... while I tried the French Toast (although the pink lemonade was tempting me). And let me just say if French Toast tasted that good I would be eating it A LOT more often! Even the icing was perfect!

Then we ventured to a carriage tour of Charleston where they had donkeys to entertain visitors while they waited.... and these were really nice donkeys because there were a few annoying kids that were petting them hard and if I were a donkey I would have bit them.
We saw lots of churches.... and learned Catholicism was not one of the allowed religions when Charleston was first founded. They were after all trying to get away from that when they (the colonists) came here in the first place.

This Catholic church is the only one which houses a woman's remains (Joanna) as she was originally buried with her brother Bishop England and prior to being moved into the church a fire caused their caskets to fuse.
 Each star represents one hour of work done to complete the church.
 In the attic (where the small oval window is) the original owner hid her two daughters during the occupation by the British Army (for two whole years) during the Revolutionary War and General Cornwallis lived in the home.  When General Cornwallis went to leave the home he told the mother he hoped to someday meet the rest of her beautiful family (she didn't hide them too well obviously) but he was nice.

 Charleston was also home to some other characters, such as Jack Sparrow (who has discovered the conveniences of modern technology.)....
 and also Chicken Little... who runs around like she owns the place.
 We finished off the day with a delicious dinner at Coast Bar & Grill....
 which is somewhat hard to find, but it is definitely worth the search.

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  1. that cupcake has serious icing ..WOW!!