Sunday, October 9, 2011

Charleston Trip Part 2: Boone Hall Plantation

The second stop on our Charleston Day Trip was Boone Hall Plantation. It is a beautiful plantation where several movies have been filmed including North & South and The Notebook. It also inspired the design for one scene in Gone With the Wind.
Who wouldn't like to have this driveway?
There were a lot of beautiful old trees on the property and they have tours of the house, the old slave quarters (which depicts slave culture and history from the area during the time), and a tour of the farm on the running of the plantation.
There is also a flower garden in front of the home where there are many plants.

Notice I said plants.... not flowers as many of the plants in the garden were over grown and not well manicured. These were two of the only blooming plants present. The entire garden was a huge disappointment as most of the plants were dead or over grown and several of the flower beds falling apart and one even being completely full of dirt and with entire exposed watering system.
The tour of the house was also disappointing seeing that visitors are only allowed to view 4 rooms... a library/sitting room, dinning room, a sun room, and for lack of a better term the man cave. This is done as the family that owns the property uses the home as a vacation home and lives there much of the time.
Looking out at the drive from the house.
My disappointment came a lot from expectations.... after all admission was $20 per person. I expected the plantation to appear a little better put together or better maintained. On the other hand our tour guide did an amazing job discussing the history of the rooms we were able to see.

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