Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My 26th Year

   Around this time last year you may remember I sat some goals to achieve in "My 26th Year".
So with this year drawing near it's end I felt it was time to evaluate where I am in relation to those goals.
1.  Wear more pretty clothes- I have some more pretty clothes but some times when you spend your days playing on the floor and being drooled on you don't want to wear your best clothes (it has also been hot as all get out and it is not fun to sweat in cute clothes either).
2. Watch all the girly movies I avoid with Jim home- thanks to Netflix and Redbox I have had a steady supply of girly movies whenever I have the chance. (The Help is next on my I have to see that list)
3. Finish some of the craft projects I have started- Definitely doing great on this one.
4.Take a paining class- The local guy who teaches at ACMoore took the summer off and classes are just starting up again.
5. Lose Weight- Still working on it.
6. Run a 5k- Jim's Awards banquet fell on the same night as the 5k I signed up for and I kinda lost steam after that.
7. Take a Trip with Jim - We are planning a trip to DC!
8. Be more confident when home alone- I am getting better.
9. Learn to cook a wider variety of foods- I have tried quite a few new dishes and most have received a thumbs up from Jim.
10. Go to the Beach More- After my family visited  in June we made our way back to the beach about once every week or every other week this summer either to play in the water, fish, or to take a walk and look for shells.
11. Go to some sort of wine or food tasting- This one did not really pan out. Maybe in the next year?

I am beginning to make a list for the next year and think of what I want to accomplish. Any great suggestions?


  1. I started fleshing out my goals last week. I think I pretty much have them set. There's a few I might switch out. Isn't it so much fun to look back and see all that you have accomplished? Hope you can get a painting class in before our birthday! When are you guys going to DC? I can't wait to read all about it!!

  2. I have already begun looking as well. Have you ever heard of 101 in 1001? I am thinking of doing something more like that this time.