Saturday, August 27, 2011

Bye Bye Irene

Irene has officially passed us here in Myrtle Beach and we are thankful that it was just a brush by and there was not much damage. I spent much of the week glued to either or The Weather Channel, listening and watching Irene's every move and in between I was talking to my dad (he is a regular Weather Channel watcher where I only watch at times like this) and asking his opinion. I was completely unsure what to expect as this was the closest encounter with a hurricane since we have lived here.
This picture is from Friday morning.
The new SkyWheel in downtown MB took all the gondolas off in preparation for Irene.

Surfers were excited to have some real waves here.

The first band of rain from Irene.
Many tourists left Friday afternoon. Although Friday and Saturday were projected to be rainy and windy Sunday we are supposed to have beautiful sunshine and warm weather!

A band of rain going down the beach.
Notice the surfer in the middle of the big waves!

Saturday at the beach after the storm has passed us.

I went to the beach to see what had washed up. There was not that much different than a typical morning on the beach so I was a bit disappointed. I was hoping with all the hype Irene would wash up some big shells. There were a few trees down around the area and a lot of leaves all over the place. I hope Irene is just as nice to everyone else up the coast.

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