Sunday, January 30, 2011

1st Goal Achieved! New adventures to come!

            I met my first weight loss goal so I got to treat myself to my first reward!
                          Cute, huh?  This should also help with the running as well.
   Jim and I also went for a bike ride along the beach again today and have scheduled our first camping trip! We are really excited to venture out to some new state parks. You can see how many there are here in South Carolina.
I am especially interested in:
Caesars Head State Park/ Mountain Bridge Wilderness Area  (#5)
Jones Gap State Park/ Mountain Bridge Wilderness Area (#23)
Paris Mountain State Park (#37)
Table Rock State Park (#45)
Those seem to be closer to the mountains and a little more "roughing it" than we do now, no water or electricity, and serious hiking! Unfortunately Tucker will not be going on those trips with us. I am excited for a new challenge.

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