Friday, December 31, 2010

Nine Month Anniversary

This month Jim and I celebrated our nine month anniversary. Kinda crazy because it doesn't feel like that long at all. I still am just relieved to be done planning a wedding and have all that stress behind me. Since I have this week off and Jim was not on shift that day we decided to make a road trip.
We have been to Charleston once together and each of us have traveled there for work a time or two but we have been looking forward to a more planned out trip and seeing some of the things we missed the last time.
This is a house across the lake/swamp as you go over the bridge to Georgetown. It looks huge and pretty!
Ahh the bridge. I love this bridge. Partially because it reminds me of the bridge on OSU's campus and partially because it makes me think of my dad and how he could tell you all about it's construction and why/how it works.

We parked and walked a bit to exchange a gift at the apple store and then made our way to Starbucks for something to warm us up. This building was across the street from Starbucks.

I also thought it was funny to see a Moe's built into this beautiful old building.

The church that was playing Christmas carols with it's bells. There was also a man playing carols on his saxophone across the street.

All of these sights were things we saw while on our way to one of my favorite destinations.....
CUPCAKE! I had heard about these cupcakes from family friends that frequently visit Charleston and had brought them home. I distinctly remember the bright pink box and huge icing.
Don't they just look yummy? They were really so pretty.

They have several flavors and even some "adventurous" ones.
Jim (left) had vanilla and I (right) had the chocolate strawberry.
They even make a mega cupcake that would make the perfect small birthday cake. Although my next birthday is 9 months away.... I think that would be nice (hint, hint Jim).

They even sell all sorts of Cupcake items like coffee cups, shirts, and spatulas.

And all the cupcakes are made right there in the open where you can watch. We were lucky enough to get to watch a few being made, it is seriously more of an art than anything I've ever iced.

Look at all those cupcakes waiting to be eaten! Yum, yum!

We passed a used book store that had the cutest bike outside... which is a great way to call attention to the store as I would not have noticed it otherwise. And tell me those books don't look so pretty on the back of that bike... but I love books.

The same store also had a fluffy cat sunning itself in the front window. This is definitely my kind of book store!

Many of the houses and apartments don't have large yards but share courtyards that they make very beautiful.

Of course there was a park with statues of historic significance. Charleston played a large roll in history from a military and social standpoint.

This palm tree is larger than many that we have here in MB. I was so pleased to have my picture taken with it.

More beautiful buildings.

Rainbow Row or part of it at least.

This tree perplexed us both as it looked plastic and didn't have traditional bark.

We also visited The Hayward-Washington House.  It belonged to the Hayward family. It was built by Daniel Hayward and by the time it was completed he gave it to his son Thomas Hayward who signed the Declaration of Independence. George Washington also rented and stayed in the home during his time in Charleston while he was traveling trying to unite the colonies into the United States.
Kitchens were actually in buildings separate from the main home due to the likelihood of fires. It was also interesting to learn that at that time the top three causes of death for women were 1. Childbirth 2. Dying from or in a fire related to cooking 3. Catching whatever illness or disease the other members of the family they were caring for had.

Laundry was also done in the same separate building.

Beautiful backyard garden.

Happy Tourists

View of the house from the back of the garden.

View of the garden from the staircase window.

The Hayward-Washington House.

Another beautiful shared courtyard.

Charleston is full of beautiful architecture.

We also visited the Old Slave Market Museum which was actually a bit disappointing. It is in the original building and had a lot of information printed on the walls with some pictures. They did have  many sets of "handcuffs" but not a whole lot else. When you are inside the building it is all covered over with carpet and the printed poster type displays, it is easy to forget where you really are.There really isn't much more. I had expected something that would convey the injustice and lack of respect for humanity. A stark mental image that would make you walk away shaking your head.

We left Charleston in the evening. This picture is of the shipyard from the bridge.

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  1. Beautiful city! I loved the pictures of the bikes.