Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas in South Carolina

This marks the third year we have lived in SC and the second in this apartment so I had an idea how I wanted to decorate ahead of time.  This past weekend our last bit of decorations went up... and that was our outside lights! I think they look beautiful.
Look you can even see our tree inside from this angle!

And our tree with all the presents we got for others under it! It looks just like Christmas morning to me.
It made me pretty sad to have to box them up and ship them out.

Love it!

And the Christmas Cards are occupying their usual place on the front door. The count is up to 11 now.

My front door snowman sign, another HomeGoods find. I think that I get the liking snowmen honest, my mom has about a million of them.

My lovely shelf that was made from wood from my Grandpa's land. Our cake topper is on the bottom left corner. Can you tell I like Willow Tree figurines. And my reindeer from Pottery Barn that I got on clearance last year!!! :D

Now instead of the wreath our window has a beautiful snow flake! Scarlet still does not like there being something in her way but she chews on this far less.

The Nativity Scene I got from  my mother in law as a wedding gift.

Our lovely stockings (also Pottery Barn) LOVE LOVE LOVE them.


  1. Very nice, Lynds! I love how your packaging all goes together but not in a matchy matchy way. It reminds me of a quilt.

    How funny, but that nativity is going to be on my wedding registry. But if I'm not married by the time I'm 35 and I have a job, I'm going to buy it for myself. I can't wait until I'm like 67! What if they stop making them :( I think your mother-in-law got you the most awesome wedding present!

    My cards aren't in the mail yet! Waiting for the stamps to arrive. So soon you'll be over 11!

    Merry Christmas, Jim, Lyndsey, Tucker & Scarlet!

  2. You did good girl...I am so proud of you! First thought door lights were a block O. Stockings are cute & of course I like snowman & flake : ) But what I really want to know which of those packages are coming to me...I may just figure them out for they ever arrive!

  3. @Jody: I never realized it all went together. I think I guess I must prefer red and green. I also bought some really nice reversible paper from one of my co-workers when her daughter had a fundraiser! The other is Peanuts wrapping paper, green we got last year and red I found this year.

    @Mom: I thought I already told you that you are getting coal! Esh. Santa said you ask too many questions to get real gifts!