Monday, September 12, 2011

10 Years Ago Today....

Ten years ago today we woke up a completely different Nation than we had been the morning before. Stunned in the face of the loss of so many innocent lives. Humbled by the heroics of everyday people. Decided on what must be done. 
In the coming days and months we would astonished as the details were discovered about how calculated those cowards had been. At how they had used and abused our willingness to let in and trust outsiders, at their misuse of our resources to train people for potential careers or hobbies, to allow them to share in the very freedoms that our ancestors fought and died for.
Until that day we did not know how truly evil people could be.
Never again will a plane crash be simply a plane crash, we will always question the nature of the crash. Never again will we be able to completely trust those who seek refuge in our great country, we will need to investigate any possible ulterior motives.
Never again will we feel the same sense of security, we no longer feel invincible but powerful that we must stand up against such injustices.
Never again will a Autumn season pass that we will not stop to remember our loss and commemorate the strength & sacrifice of those Heroes.

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