Saturday, June 23, 2012

While I've Been Away

 I have been busy lately. Celebrating accomplishments (our younger(est) sisters graduated), working, soaking up the sun, going to the beach &/or pool, and crossing items off of my 100 by 30 list.
 I have completed:
 #20 Start a campfire all by myself.
#33 Run a mile without walking (actually 2)!
#37 Go to the gym 3x/week for 1 month.
# 44 Answer "50 Questions that Will Free Your Mind".- An interesting set of questions with no real "right" answers, but they do make you think.
#47 Pack lunch everyday for 2 weeks.
#Organize Recipes- I got the cutest recipe book at Barnes and Nobel in their bargain section for $7!
#80 Learn to knit something other than a blanket or a scarf.- I knit a baby hat and cacoon type thing that I need to add eyes and a few details as it is to look like The Very Hungry Caterpillar. What do you think so far?
#91 Organize and set up craft room- Since we were not getting many visitors our spare room has been turned into a craft room. All of my hobby things are located in there in an organized fashion. I however rarely complete crafts in there as there is not a tv.

Now for the goals that are still in progress but at least making progress:
#52 Use reusable bags at the grocery store for 2 months.
#54 Start cleaning schedule & stick to it.
Here it is. I broke the house into four sections and wrote the tasks on colored notecards.
The notecards stay in a photo sleeve on the front of the refridgerator so they will be in plain sight and once that day is complete you move it to the back. Because it is broken up into four days, three areas are completed twice per week. I also put them in this exact order so laundry days are separrated. So far it has made quite a difference. It does not cover deep cleaning but that is more easily addressed as the daily things are already done!
#74 Read 30 Books: I have read three more.
4. The Scarlet Letter
5. The American Heiress
6. Mrs. Kennedy and Me
All of which I enjoyed and highly recommend.

#75 Try 36 New Recipes:
3. Shrimp Tacos
4. Strawberry buscuits
5. Home made pizza

#77 Learn 20 French Phrases:
2. J'ai chaud- I'm hot
3. J'ai froid- I'm cold
4. Jesuis Americane- I am American
5. Bonne jour/matin/soir/nuit- Good day/morning/evening/night
6. Ca va- How is it going/how are you doing?
7. Da rien- Thank you/ That's okay

#87 Scrapbook 2011- I have gotten the first two days of our DC trip done already!  

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