Sunday, November 28, 2010

Huntington Beach State Park Bike Ride

Last weekend Jim and I decided to go for a bike ride at Huntington Beach State Park. This first picture is from the other side of the pond/lake where we frequently see alligators. With all the bushes it was hard to see if there were any alligators lying along the side of the water.
This is another part of the pond/lake on the other side of the trail. This trail that we took went from the Atalaya castle to 17 business. I believe it used to be the driveway for the residents.

There were several turtles and a lot of ducks in the water that we saw and continued to scare into flying off as we rode by. I guess they had their guard up about alligators as well.

Isn't this beautiful?

When we got to the end of the trail we were able to see this statue at the entrance of Brookgreen Gardens.

We continued the lap around the park and saw a snake... which was brought to my attention by Jim saying "Look there's a dead snake... oh wait maybe it's not dead."  Being a not very good bike rider I had a little difficulty remaining on my bike at that point. Then we came along the side of the pond/lake where we always see the alligators. Jim was of course on the lookout while I was worrying about not falling into the rocks where they could be laying (I figured they wouldn't like me rolling into them and that would surely get me bit). Guess what! There were two laying right on the rocks, right next to the bike path... yeay! Luckily I was able to maintain my balance (this is a feat for me as I am quite the klutz, stopping however is a little more difficult for me).

After we finished the loop of the park we went onto the beach and rode our bikes. A very nice man took a picture of us together. I even rode my bike in the waves a little! I got us a little lost in our return to the truck but it gave us the opportunity to ride through the camp ground at the park, which looked very nice.
Do any of you ride bikes? Do you know of any other trails in the MB area? Or maybe your area we could try while on road trips.

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  1. Looks like a beautiful trail. Also sounds like you had fun!! Dead snake, huh?! I'd be pedalling!! !!!